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RealtySoft Company Overview

RealtySoft Company Information

Type Privately Held
Industry Internet
Founded 2006
Company Size 11-50 employees

We’re the company that has redefined the word “value” when it comes to online real estate solutions. We offer agent and broker websites at prices 49 to 77 percent lower than anyone else.

WE’RE REALTYSOFT. We’re not real estate professionals who learned technology. We’re technologists that learned real-estate. The difference might not seem significant but it means the difference between providing brokers and agents with OK technology-based tools, or providing brokers and agents with outstanding technology-based tools. We think you want outstanding rather than just OK.

WE STARTED OUR BUSINESS IN LATE 1996. Since then, we’ve done nothing but work on developing one thing: the best marketing tools for agents and brokers, at the best value, that produce the best results. It’s taken us over 10 years but now, we’re ready. Look around our site, then try our services, and you’ll see that we’ve achieved just that – the best.

OUR TECHNOLOGY is now available in the form of web-based services available to both brokers and agents. It can also be obtained through selected partners or affiliates. 1

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