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Follow Up Boss Company Overview

Follow Up Boss Company Information

IndustryReal Estate


You have leads from lots of different lead providers, Zillow, Trulia,, IDX websites, listings to leads...

Follow Up Boss takes all your online leads, puts them in one simple system and makes sure they get followed up super fast. It does this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can provide superior customer service, turn more of your leads into appointments and close more transactions.

How does Follow Up Boss work? What does it do?

Follow Up Boss is an automated system that doesn't rely on manual data entry. It allows you to send in leads from your existing marketing and websites via email. You can still enter a lead manually if they call in. Leads are then distributed via an instant phone call or email.The end result is your leads are contacted much faster and more often. Agents and marketing dollars are held accountable to producing results. 1

Follow Up Boss News & Press Releases

  • A 6-Step Follow-Up Plan To Build Trust And Referrals From Past Clients
    You landed the clients and made the sale. They love the house, they loved you, and they’ll definitely be calling you the next time they want to buy or sell any real estate.Definitely. Right?Depending on how actively you follow up with your clients, that may not be the case. The problem [read more]
    Source: Follow Up Boss BlogPublished on 2017-06-27
  • How We Upgraded Email
    As a real estate agent, you send a TON of emails. Whether you love it or hate it, email is still a mission-critical part of your communications with leads and clients.Because of the volume you have to send and receive, when something goes wrong with even just one of them [read more]
    Source: Follow Up Boss BlogPublished on 2017-06-20
  • Featured Lead Provider: ReadyChat
    Thanks to the mountain of information available online and our constant connection to it, the way people shop, consider purchases (particularly big ones), and engage with businesses have been turned completely upside down.A consumer’s ability to search the internet and educate themselves on products and services has removed the middleman [read more]
    Source: Follow Up Boss BlogPublished on 2017-06-16
  • 5 Realtor Responses to the Most Common Seller Objections
    So much of that initial meet and greet with a potential client is about establishing trust. You don’t have to adopt a defensive stance at common roadblocks or justify why you deserve to get paid a decent commission on all the hard work you do.Practice a few of the scripted [read more]
    Source: Follow Up Boss BlogPublished on 2017-06-15
  • May 2017 Feature Roundup
    Here’s everything we shipped in May:New FeaturesDeal TrackingDeal Tracking is now available to all customers. Use it to manage your own organization’s sales pipeline and track the progress of deals from creation to close. To access the deals page find it in the top menu.For more information please see our [read more]
    Source: Follow Up Boss BlogPublished on 2017-06-05