Ongoing Client Relationship Nurturing

Ongoing Client Relationship Nurturing for Real Estate Companies

Client Nurturing Virtual Assistants – Real Estate Lead Follow Up Assistant

Ongoing Client Relationship Nurturing


To automate and / or outsource the process of keeping in touch with your clients, thereby increasing the average life-time value of all current & future clients to your business.

How It Works:

This service is very flexible and dependent on your current business practices. It can include anything from making monthly or quarterly phone calls to all your clients, checking in & asking pre-defined questions, to managing direct mailings to your clients, alliances, and contacts during the holidays.

The most important thing to consider when deciding on a relationship nurturing task-list for your virtual assistant is replicating what already works. If you already do certain things to keep in touch, even if only with a few of your clients, we’ll help train your VAs to do this on your behalf consistently, to all your clients now & in the future.

By remaining “in front” of your clients as frequently & consistently as possible over the months and years, you ensure that you’re first in their mind when they need your services. By making them appealing direct response offers whenever you get in touch, you increase the likelihood they’ll convert.

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