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Client Relationship Management

Ongoing Client Relationship Nurturing

One of the simplest, most powerful methods of retaining clients over the years … is simply to stay in touch. This can include mailing cards on the holidays, making birthday calls, sending anniversary reminders, and even scheduling occasional in-person meetings. Cultivating long-term relationships is the secret to real estate longevity … but it takes a lot of work! We’ll help outsource the leg-work of staying in touch so you’ll rarely have to lift a finger.

Real Estate CRM Softare Support

Whether you’re using Top Producer, Property Base, or any other proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software … we can help make the CRM data entry and updating process a thing of the past for you & your local staff. Outsource your CRM management & maintenance to us, and you’ll be able to focus your local teams on what really matters: getting clients & closing sales!

Real Estate Newsletter Marketing (Email / Print)

Whether you plan on printing & mailing your newsletter, or sending it via email autoresponder, we can help you manage the process end-to-end. From centralizing your database of newsletter recipients, to designing newsletter templates, to drafting newsletter copy, to printing & postage and / or email delivery … you can delegate nearly all your Newsletter Marketing efforts to us for a fraction of the cost of managing it in-house.

Past Client Reactivation Services

One of the best qualified, highest ROI “lead lists” you’ll ever have is your list of past clients. If you have a significant database of people who have done business with you in the past, but have not patronized your services lately … we can help get in touch with them to transform your list of past / “dormant” clients into hot new leads & new paying accounts for your business.

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