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Category Archives: Real Estate Marketing Tips

Real estate marketing tips.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Strategies

Real estate is an industry built on relationships. Real estate is most peoples’ largest single purchase. Buying or selling a home is a huge decision. As such, different people approach it differently. One thing’s certain: no one takes a major real estate transaction lightly. People save for years, plan & shop for months, view many…

Building A Real Estate Telemarketing List

At Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services, one of our most popular offerings is Real Estate Telemarketing. No matter what you do, your real estate telemarketing efforts will always involve some semblance of at least two factors: Real Estate Telemarketing SCRIPTS, and Real Estate Telemarketing LISTS. Today, we’ll be exploring the latter. And, it’s a topic…

Basics of Real Estate Branding

Branding your real estate business is not much different than branding in any other industry, except… There are a few critical aspects that will determine whether your real estate branding gets lost in the crowd or stands out like a giant among pygmies. Here’s why: Most people perceive nearly all real estate businesses THE SAME…