Can I speak to my Virtual Assistant before hiring them?

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Can I speak to my Virtual Assistant before hiring them?

This is an interesting question, because the short answer is definitely:

Of course, yes!

Or at least, sort of…

The reason for this is that, when working with REVAS, there are several prerequisites to fulfill before it makes any sense to start speaking to your potential Virtual Assistant(s).

Due to our Process-Based, Not People-Based™ approach, we always focus on your Process first, and on the People – your Virtual Assistant(s) – second.

Here are the first few steps that come before speaking to your Virtual Assistant, and why we do it this way.

When’s The Right Time To Start Speaking To Your Prospective Virtual Assistant(s)?

The biggest challenge here is:

Due to the way we assign VAs on a first-come, first-served basis…

… it doesn’t make sense for you to interview a VA until you’ve cleared your first Invoice.

That’s because it’s possible — if not highly probable — that whoever you interview will get assigned to a different campaign before you actually have cleared your Invoice and launched… since we’re typically adding & adjusting Virtual Assistants on at least 4 – 8 campaigns every week.

All our new hires are getting rapidly assigned to new campaigns, and all our existing VAs are always near fully booked.

The one exception is if you’re hiring someone Full-Time (8 hrs / day).

For a Full-Time Virtual Assistant — since we’d be recruiting that person specifically for your position — you would have some involvement in the final stages of the hiring process (interviewing our top 2 – 3 short-listed candidates).

You do always have veto power over any VA we assign, however.

If you don’t like your VA for any reason, we can replace them & train their replacement at no charge.

There are primarily four prerequisite steps that come before it makes sense to invest your time into speaking with any VA(s).

By taking this approach, we remove significant wasted time & energy you will save by not jumping on the call with the wrong Virtual Assistant, and by not worrying about the lengthy filtering process we go through to find the right person for the job.

We automatically make sure the right person is assigned to the job, and your work is done to according to your criteria. You don’t need to speak to your Virtual Assistant ever, but are welcome to do so whenever you want, once the following prerequisites are fulfilled.

Step 1. Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

The first step for all new Clients is a one-on-one introductory, diagnostic:

Opportunity Analysis Consultation (or OAC).

This detailed intake investigation will help us:

  • Clearly understand your situation,
  • Recommend options for working together,
  • Go over project details & pricing estimates, and
  • Answer all your questions about what we do.

As the first step for all new Clients, your OAC appointment is the one prerequisite for everything we do.

Step 2. Choosing One (or at Most Two) Tasks to Start.

After your Opportunity Analysis Consultation, we will be able to confidently recommend one (or at most two) highest priority task(s) to start.

This is because we require detailed, step-by-step REVAS-Style Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which must be Approved by our Training Manager, before you can delegate tasks to your own Virtual Assistant.

There’s no point in even considering which VA is right for your work until we clearly understand the specific task(s) they’ll be working on.

Step 3. Decide On Your Virtual Assistant’s Work Schedule.

The last prerequisite, before it makes any sense to begin speaking to your potential Virtual Assistant(s), is picking your required work schedule.

There’s no use in speaking to a Virtual Assistant who won’t be available when you need them to work!

Once your SOPs are gathered & cleared by our Training Manager, all we need to know is your schedule, and we’ll be ready to go.

Step 4. Clear Your First Invoice.

Once everything above is ready to go, we can send over the Secure Online Checkout link for your first Invoice.

This will include purchasing your first batch of VA Work Hours, as well as any Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or Telemarketing Script(s) you may require.

From there, we can begin allocating a Virtual Assistant for your Campaign, so you’ll know whoever you talk to is actually ready to work for you (and won’t be getting re-assigned to a different Campaign in the meantime).

Step 5. Now It’s Time To Speak to Your Virtual Assistant (If You Want).

Finally, now that we know:

  1. Which Task(s) you’ll be delegating to your REVAS Virtual Assistant.
  2. The SOPs for the Task(s), so that we’re clear on the step-by-step process.
  3. The work schedule when the Virtual Assistant is required.

We are ready to start matching you to the right VA for your work.

IMPORTANT: You are absolutely not required to personally speak to or interview your prospective Virtual Assistant! This is strictly optional, and we can handle everything from VA selection to training to ongoing management & oversight without you lifting a finger, if you prefer.

If you want to be involved in the Virtual Assistant selection process, we can arrange one-on-one (or in some cases, group) interviews with your prospective candidates, who we have already hand-picked for your specific work & schedule.

You always have final veto rights, both before the campaign begins, and during the campaign at any time, to request a change of VA.

If you feel your Virtual Assistant is not the right person for the job, or is not a good culture fit for your team, we will always be happy to help you get them replaced ASAP.