Can I pay my Virtual Assistants a Bonus or Commission?

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Can I pay a Bonus or Commission to my Virtual Assistants?

First off, we’re happy to hear you’re even considering paying a Bonus to your Virtual Assistants!

If your Virtual Assistants are receiving a Bonus from you, that means your Campaign is going well, and you are generating enough profit on your investment to incentivize your VA Team and “pay it forward.”

And, the simple answer to this question is:


You absolutely can pay a Bonus or “Commission” to your REVAS Virtual Assistants.

However, there are some critical caveats to exactly how this process must work, to make sure we both stay in compliance with local & interstate Real Estate Regulations.

To ensure we are both always staying compliant, the #1 most important rule about Virtual Assistant Bonuses is that they are NOT attached or related to specific:

  • deals or,
  • leads or,
  • sellers or,
  • properties.

In other words, you can pay a Bonus to your REVAS Virtual Assistant…

… But you CANNOT pay any type of “Commission” tied to a specific number of Leads, or a specific Transaction or Client.

This is due to state Real Estate Licensing Regulations, especially since REVAS operates nationwide & our Founder, Marshall Hatfield, is himself a licensed Agent in several states (so our whole company needs to abide by a variety of interstate Real Estate Rules & Regulations).

Due to our company’s HQ being located in Ohio (one of the more strict states when it comes to Real Estate Regulations), anything tied to specific Real Estate Transactions, Clients, or Leads, in any way, shape, or form requires an Agent / Salesperson License. Therefore, your Bonuses need to NOT be tied to these transaction-specific factors.

The only type of Bonus, then, that is 100% acceptable, would be a monthly or quarterly Bonus, for which you can choose whatever amount makes sense.

So, while you CAN’T pay a Bonus for a specific Transaction or Lead…

You CAN pay a Bonus every month, or every 3 months, to appropriately compensate & incentivize your Virtual Assistant based on their aggregate performance during that time period.

When it comes to calculating an appropriate Bonus amount (in relation to your VA’s pay scale), it obviously depends on whether your Virtual Assistant is Overseas or US-based.

  • For Overseas VAs, we recommend a typical minimum Bonus amount in the range of $50 – $150+ per Bonus (NOT per deal or per closing, remember).
  • For US-based VAs, we recommend a typical minimum Bonus amount in the range of $150- $500+ per Bonus.

In terms of the logistics of the Virtual Assistant actually getting paid a Bonus, the process is very simple:

Simply let us know when you want to give your VA(s) a Bonus, and the amount of the Bonus you’d like to offer, and we’ll send you a Custom Invoice in the amount of the Bonus.

Lastly, please keep in mind we charge a 20% processing fee on all Bonuses, so whatever you actually pay on that Custom Invoice, the VA will directly receive 80% of that.