Business Process Outsourcing

Real Estate Business Process Outsourcing

Real Estate Business Process Outsourcing


To outsource process-based human resource activities for your business that require more than 4 – 5 full-time workers to accomplish.

How It Works:

A business process outsourcing (BPO) campaign is nothing more than a combination of the comprehensive listing of real estate virtual assistant services described thus far … as well as any other process-based human resource activities that do not require our physical presence.

We can arrange dedicated teams to work for your company, piggy-backing on our existing off-shore infrastructure and overseen by our established back-office management staff (while still paying our US corporation, directly). Plus, we can help you refine your processes, hire & train human resources fit for the job, and even set-up dedicated phone, email, and instant message communication lines between your local operations & your back-office workforce.

The main reason you’d choose to implement a BPO campaign is that you already have a clear idea of exactly which tasks your outsourced back-office would need to handle … and your estimates clearly project that these tasks would take more than 480 work hours (3 full-time workers) to complete.

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