Real Estate Business Process Consulting

Real Estate Business Process Consulting

Real Estate Systematization Consulting – Standard Operating Procedure Consulting

Real Estate Business Process ConsultingAt REVAS our motto is Process-Based, Not People-Based™ and we take this concept quite seriously.

The goal of our Real Estate Business Process Consulting is to focus this lens on your company and identify ways you can systematize, standardize, and maximize your profitability while reducing your efforts.

Business Process Consulting is about making your life easier & finding the best opportunities to streamline processes.

When To Book A Business Process Consulting Session

There are 3 primary scenarios where you’ll get the most value booking a Real Estate Business Process Consulting Session:

  1. When you want to start standardizing & systematizing your business, but are not sure where or how to start.
  2. When you need an expert analysis or outside audit of existing processes to find opportunities for improvement.
  3. When you’re launching a new company, new division, new office, or new campaign.

Business Process Consulting focuses on applying a systematic approach to every component of your day-to-day operations, from tasks as seemingly simple as scheduling calls & appointments, to as complex as managing your teams and their payroll & benefits.

As an excellent complement to Waste Reduction Consulting, every Business Process Consulting Session will identify new workflows to standardize and/or existing SOPs that need improvement to create a more efficient, streamlined business.

The goal will always be a prioritized plan of action to immediately begin building smoother systems as soon as you complete the Session.

Don’t Tackle Complex Process Development Without Consulting An Expert First

If you’re in any of the 3 primary scenarios listed above and intend to develop 3+ new (or majorly revised) Standard Operating Procedures, your Business Process Consulting Session will almost definitely pay for itself in saved time & reduced waste.

If you’re only looking at one, or at most two, new Standard Operating Procedures, you probably won’t get a ton of added benefit by booking a Consulting Session first. However, if you are working with new or major changes to 3+ SOPs, your Business Process Consulting Sessions will pay for themselves several times over.

Before you start deciding which SOPs should cover which components of which Tasks…

Before you start re-formatting or overhauling your layouts for the new SOPs…

First, take the time to speak to an outside expert.

Think of it this way:

You are close to & familiar with the tasks, so you’re the foremost expert.

But you’re also probably much more used to actually doing the tasks on the front-lines, working IN the business, not systematizing the tasks working ON the business.

Make a small misstep, or leave out some parts of the overall process, and just redoing or significantly revising an SOP you’ve already created will waste at least 3 – 5+ hours of your personal time.

Plus, every moment you or your employees follow that inadequate, incomplete, or confusing SOP is more time and more money being wasted! If your SOP results in 25% loss due to any of the 7 Wastes, 25% of every dollar you invest into it, and 15 minutes of every hour are being wasted until you fix the issue(s) with your process(es).

OR, you can start out investing into Process Development Consulting Session(s) first, before you start investing your time & energy into 3+ new or majorly revised SOPs.

Benefits Of Working With A Business Process Consultant

By taking the time to work with a REVAS Consultant, you’ll avoid these common SOP & process development pitfalls.

The added benefit of a neutral outside expert, following a proven system to uncover opportunities and potential problems, is hard to over-estimate. A neutral 3rd party’s fresh eyes & insights can almost always yield new perspective on your situation.

Plus, REVAS Consultants spend all day every day thinking about processes. It’s literally our motto.

We’re all highly fluent in this topic particularly, and likely have access to innovative approaches & best practices from around the industry that might be totally new to you.

Other benefits we can focus on during your next Business Process Consulting Session include:

  • Review an existing workflow or SOP to identify ways it could be smoother, more efficient, more systematic, or cheaper.
  • Build an overview of your business & opportunities to add new systems or SOPs that don’t yet exist.
  • Focus on potential problem areas that are either too unsystematic or too confusing, and start plotting a solution.
  • Prioritize a list of new SOPs you could use, and create a plan for employing Process Development Services to complete them.
  • Help train you or your team on Process-Based thinking, making sure everyone’s on-board and on the same page.
  • Answer all your questions about what types of processes & SOPs are working for other companies in the industry.

Ultimately, the goal of all REVAS Business Process Consulting is to streamline, automate, simplify and standardize your business.

Booking a Business Process Consulting Session is especially valuable if you’re getting ready to create or modify 3 or more SOPs. It’s also always an excellent pairing to your Waste Reduction Consulting Sessions. Together, these can be a powerful force toward cutting costs & boosting profits for your future operations.