VIP Package: All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation


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  • The VIP Package begins with a 45 day Setup & Launch Phase.
  • You will be billed once immediately here today ($1,699 one-time setup fee).
  • Starting on the 45th day, your Monthly Ongoing Phase will begin ($1,199 monthly autobill).
  • There are no refunds for this service, but you can cancel any time by contacting us via any option here.
  • While this is mostly a ‘Done For You’ solution, you will have certain required responsibilities.
  • You (or a team member) must appear on video for at least 50% of your monthly videos!
  • This service will be generating leads. You must be responsive & prepared for these prospective clients.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue service if your actions are incompatible with our Core Values.