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All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation

Your Real Estate Lead Generation Problems, Solved. (Guaranteed.)

From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
Jan, 2017

Real estate lead generation isn’t getting any easier.

The methods of yester-year are falling flatter, with ROI numbers down across the board for many types of old school Telemarketing and Direct Mail.

At Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services, we have data on thousands of call hours and hundreds of thousands of mail pieces to back this up.

The old ways are changing.

The future of Real Estate Lead Generation is uncertain, with technologies evolving rapidly, and fewer top producers dominating.

Your lead generation approach needs to evolve to keep up.

This All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package is your complete, nearly automated solution to generating a consistent, ongoing, steady flow of warm inbound real estate leads. Guaranteed.

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Table Of Contents

1. REVAS CEO: “What Would I Do With Only $X / Month?”

2. What’s Included With All-In-One Lead Generation?

3. Three Big Reasons This Is Better Than Telemarketing.

4. Comprehensive Pricing Packages.

5. Detailed Breakdown On Every Facet Of The Service.

6. Frequently Asked Questions About All-In-One Lead Generation.

7. The All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Guarantee.

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REVAS CEO: “What Would I Do With Only $X / Month?”

The Story Of How All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Came To Be.

This All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package was created to solve a very painful problem:

Too many of our Clients lose money on lead generation campaigns that fail.

If you’ve ever invested in a real estate lead generation strategy that didn’t pay off, you can probably relate.

It wasn’t just a service problem for us either. We’ve been losing our mind over this issue because:

  1. Our #1 Core Value is “Obsess over Client success.
  2. Our most commonly requested service is Real Estate Telemarketing.
  3. Real Estate Telemarketing started bringing less Client success than before.

We care a lot about our Clients succeeding.

If we can’t help you save money and grow your income, we both fail. Nobody’s happy.

With numbers down & competition up on widely practiced, old school lead generation tactics like: cold calling Expired Listings & FSBOs, Just Listed / Just Sold calls, and Neighborhood Farming, everyone’s feeling the pressure.

A Changing Real Estate Industry = Changing Lead Generation Strategies.

Especially for Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Investors, and Property Managers, lead generation campaigns that were working like gangbusters as little as 3 years ago are losing effectiveness fast for reasons we’re all too familiar with:

  • Markets shifting since 2008, with some hot, and some … not.
  • Changing demographics (Millenials hate telemarketing).
  • Evolving social media landscape.
  • Huge websites (like Zillow/Trulia/Costar/Loopnet) changing the way people shop.
  • Constant flow of new tech (from dotloop to BoomTown to TopProducer, etc).
  • Rise & integration of the smart phone with better screens.
  • Rise of faster internet everywhere.
  • Rise of video content.
  • New search engine marketing changes.
  • Too much more to list…

The shifting real estate lead generation landscape has many in the industry still scrambling.

We wanted to solve this problem once & for all for Clients like you, and so our team proposed this problem to me (the CEO) directly, asking:

“If you only had $X per month to spend, what marketing & lead generation activities would you do?”

After months of serious thought, deep research, review of past campaigns, planning, and process development, this All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package is my answer to the above question (for 3 price points: $500, $800, and $1,200 / mo).

What’s Included With All-In-One Lead Generation

7 Key Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Components.

Our All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package includes a combination of 7 key components:

1. Written content creation.

2. Video content creation.*

3. SEO.

4. Social Media.

5. Lead capture website.

6. Automated follow up.

7. Sharing & syndicating content.

*Video content creation is not included in BASIC plan, only in the PLUS+ and VIP plans.

In the most stripped down version, we can achieve all the above for you (minus video) for less than $500 per month.

That’s about the price of only 40 – 50 Overseas VA Telemarketing hours.

Notice something important about this list of 7 key components:

If I personally had only $500 – $1200 per month to spend on marketing & lead generation, knowing what I know & having seen the thousands of campaigns we’ve run…

Telemarketing is not even on my list!

(For me, I’d wait to add Telemarketing to my Real Estate Lead Generation mix until about the $2,000 – $3,000 per month budget.)

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Three Big Reasons This Is Better Than Telemarketing.

Are you reading this and comparing it directly against old school Telemarketing?


Ultimately Telemarketing is an excellent addition to the All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package…

But here are 3 reasons why the All-In-One Lead Gen Package is better, and therefore should come first:

Reason #1. This Keeps Working, Even When You Don’t.

By far, the most significant advantage of the All-In-One Lead Gen’s content-based approach is:

Your keyword optimized web presence will keep attracting steady lead flow, even if you stop working on it.

Just keep paying your hosting, domain, and autoresponder bills, and the system we build together will continue generating warm inbound leads for you indefinitely.

If you invest in a Telemarketing campaign that fails, your money is gone forever, with nothing to show for it.

With this content-based All-In-One Lead Generation approach, you’ll get real, tangible content you can keep and use forever.

Not only that: this content is your unique Intellectual Property. Its presence online will be attracting leads for years to come, and your built up library of present & past articles are an asset with real tangible value, especially if you ever decide to sell your company.

Reason #2. This Provides A Unique Competitive Advantage (For Now).

Chances are, while pretty much every competitor in your market is already using Telemarketing and/or Direct Mail…

An ongoing, steady flow of new, geo-targeted, keyword optimized content is not something many of your local peers can stomach.

To achieve this type of content-based brand presence requires a never ending drudgery of writing, editing, uploading, sharing, tracking, and optimizing.

We’ve created a system and established a team to take the work off your plate at a fraction of the cost, providing you the benefits of an economy of scale, without sacrificing quality.

The only problem with this, and the reason it’s not #1 is:

Eventually everyone will be doing this!

It’s already happening in several big cities & highly competitive real estate markets.

More and more real estate business people are already migrating to the types of marketing strategies included in the All-In-One Lead Gen Package.

While ongoing written & video content creation, lead capture sites, and automated follow up systems are still on the cutting edge, they keep getting easier, cheaper, and more prevalent.

If “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now,” then the sooner you start establishing your brand presence in local search & social media, and building out your never-ending automated follow up sequences, the further ahead you’ll be of competitors who start later.

Reason #3. This Improves ROI On Other Lead Generation Campaigns.

In today’s real estate lead generation environment, there’s no denying it:

Content is king.

Lead nurturing is all about scalable relationship-building.

How many people can you consistently stay in front of? How often? And for how long?

One of the main elements of the All-In-One Lead Gen Package is content creation & automated follow up.

This will not only help nurture leads generated via the All-In-One Package alone; all your lead funnel will benefit by systematically adding new contacts to your database.

We’ll create a never ending stream of content you can share to every lead in your list via both email and social media.

By creating a content-based lead funnel into which you can add leads from any source, plus a website that is focused on capturing leads, the cross-promotional marketing possibilities are endless.

Want to run a Telemarketing campaign where you capture email opt-ins so you can send a targeted series of relevant, helpful offers?

With All-In-One Lead Gen, now you can do that easier than ever (while hardly lifting a finger).

Comprehensive Pricing Packages

Start By Choosing A Package Below To Begin The Checkout Process

Detailed Breakdown On Every Facet Of The Service

This All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation occurs in 3 primary Phases:

  1. Setup Phase: Research & Planning.
  2. Launch Phase: Setup & Implementation.
  3. Monthly Ongoing: Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing.

The first two Phases (Setup & Launch) occur during the first 45 days, and are covered by your initial, one-time setup cost.

Your first Monthly Ongoing Phase begins on the 46th day, and will be auto-billed going forward on a month-to-month basis.

You can always cancel anytime, for any reason, and remember: “This keeps working, even when you don’t.”

What you build with this service, in all 3 Phases, is a real, tangible asset in the form of quality multi-media content and a keyword-optimized web-based lead funnel, designed to attract & nurture targeted prospects forever, automatically.

SETUP PHASE: Research & Planning.

Comprehensive Marketing Consultation & Audit.

While beyond the scope of our BASIC plan, PLUS+ and VIP Members begin the All-In-One Lead Generation process with a detailed Marketing Consultation & Audit.

While PLUS+ Members will benefit from their expert REVAS Consultant’s insights & experience, VIP Members will have their intro Consulting Session one-on-one with REVAS CEO & Founder, Marshall Hatfield.

During this Comprehensive Marketing Consultation & Audit, we’ll take you through a time-tested marketing analysis process, crafted over years of front-lines application in thousands of businesses, probing every component of your entire Marketing & Sales funnel.

We’ll help point out any low-hanging-fruit opportunities you can exploit immediately, as well as become significantly more informed on your brand (contributing to a better foundation for all that follows).

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In-Depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit.

The first step for every All-In-One Lead Generation Client, included in every single package, is an In-Depth SEO Audit.

This step is universally important because understanding your current positioning in the Search Engine Ranked Placements (SERPs), as well as the keywords you are (or are not) ranking for, will guide literally all other steps of the process.

All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation includes several types of Content Marketing / Content Creation, which will always take into account your local geo-targeted SEO landscape.

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Rigorous Social Media Marketing (SMM) Audit.

Second only to SEO, and included with all levels of this Real Estate Lead Generation Package, is a rigorous audit of your Social Media accounts, as well as any & all Social Media Marketing (SMM) activities you’re currently implementing (or have implemented in the past).

By gaining a detailed overview of your Social Media presence, strategies, and consistency, we’ll have a much clearer idea of what’s missing & where we’ll need to apply attention to get started.

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Full Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO) Audit.

The fourth and final audit, which again is included at every level of All-In-One Lead Generation Pacakge, is Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO). Your Conversion Ratio, in this context, is all about the % of visitors to your website whose contact information is being captured.

By understanding your current “Opt-In” process, as well as your current Conversion Ratio numbers both for Opt-Ins, Opt-Outs, and cross-checking that with your Prospects-to-Buyers ratio, we’ll be able to pinpoint where you lead capture efforts are strong, and where they need improvement.

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SEO Research For Relevant, Locally Geo-Targeted Keywords.

Once we’ve completed all our major Audits of your business, we’ll begin the Research process. The first type of research, which will be useful to guide all future Content Creation planning & strategizing, is Keyword Research for your site’s SEO.

Understanding the high value, high traffic keywords for your local real estate market, is critical for guiding what content we create, and how we title & share it.

One side effect of a long-term implementation of this Package will be a total domination of your local search results. Here is the first step in that direction.

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Competitive Analysis Of Top Local Contenders.

Once we understand the high-value, high-traffic SEO Keywords for your target niche, the natural next step is to see who’s already winning the battle for them.

Even the lowest BASIC Plan includes a deep Competitive Analysis of multiple top local competition, because understanding what already works & is proven in action will be an excellent short-cut to replicating (and eventually overcoming) their level of success.

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LAUNCH PHASE: Setup & Implementation.

Complete Plan For Months Of Content Creation.

The first step in the Launch Phase of your All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation campaign is your unique, personalized Content Creation Plan.

A Content Creation Plan is similar to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), except it’s outlining the step-by-step sequence of all content that we’ll be creating, on a rigorous weekly schedule, for months in advance.

The Plan will include details like:

  • Topics for all articles, blog posts, drip emails, and videos.
  • Keyword-optimized title drafts for articles & videos.
  • Drip email subject line concepts & recommendations.
  • A rough content creation & delivery schedule.

This way we’ll be able to hit the ground running, with plenty of time for your feedback, adjustments, and suggestions to be integrate from day-one.

By planning out your first few months of Content Creation this early, we’ve built in extra flexibility & agility to your final launch. You can rest easy knowing everything is systematically well-planned in advance.

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Drafting New & Improving Existing Calls To Action (CTAs).

Now that we have a pretty clear picture of your overall business, unique competitive advantages, and local competitive marketplace, it’s time to get ready for leads.

The most critical component of your website & overall inbound lead funnel are your Calls To Action (or CTAs). These CTAs are what get your website visitors to opt-in, turning cold, un-identified leads into inbound prospects who will be receiving ongoing, automated drip marketing forever.

We’ll help improve existing CTAs or create new ones, as the situation dictates.

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Website Improvements, Overhaul, or Total Replacement.

Your Calls To Action can’t do much if your website isn’t built to attract the visitor’s eye, keep them engaged (not bouncing), and ultimately entice them to share their contact information, opting in.

We call this a Lead Capture or Lead Funnel website, and if your current website needs some work, or the only option is a total overhaul or new site, during this step we’ll make sure your website is ready & able to drive traffic and capture leads.

*The only exception for the BASIC Package: if your website requires a complete overhaul, we won’t be able to customize the new site. It will still be professional & high-quality, but based on a template.

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Graphic Design Updates, Overhaul, or Total Replacement.

Similar to your CTAs and Lead Capture website, your graphic design elements are the front-facing visuals that literally every prospect & client will see.

Sure, the words are what convey the message, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and if the words are poorly displayed & hard to read, your message will be ignored.

While most real estate companies already have a pretty good graphic design foundation, it is during this launch step we’ll make any necessary tweaks & upgrades to ensure a smooth Lead Funnel experience for your opted-in prospects.

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Conversion Funnel & Landing Page Improvements.

Along with CTAs, Website, and Graphic Design, the final element of your front-facing Lead Capture Funnel that we’ll need to optimize is your actual Landing Pages.

These are where the rubber meets the road: the actual pages where your opt-in sign up forms are located. The specific pages where a user opts-in… or bounces.

All your content & traffic is worthless if you aren’t capturing contact information and permission to keep marketing to visitors.

It’s crucial to both our success that your landing pages convert.

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Automated Follow Up System Integration & Testing.

The last piece of work related to your own website & Lead Capture Funnel is actually the first back-end element:

Your automated follow up system.

This can be as simple as a drip email like MailChimp or Aweber, or as complex as a Marketing Automation Software like HubSpot or Marketo.

The key here is that your website is properly adding opt-ins to your actual automated follow up system.

If the ball is dropped here, this single small technical glitch can destroy your entire lead generation funnel!

Before we start driving traffic & attracting leads, we will be testing to make 100% certain that your website opt-in forms are properly integrated with your automated follow up system.

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Social Media Account Creation & Improvements.

The first truly customer-facing changes we’ll be implementing during your initial Launch Phase is creating & improving your social media accounts.

We’ll already be well aware of all your social media accounts, followers, and past posting histories, thanks to the initial Setup Phase audits.

Now, it’s time to get to work: creating social media accounts on sites that are missing, or revamping existing accounts with updated cover images, keyword optimization, and general design / branding.

Social media will be integrated henceforth with all your content & lead funnel, creating a feedback loop of traffic and re-engagement. It’s good to look good.

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Contact List Compiling, Deduping, and Integration.

Now that your Lead Funnel is ready to capture new inbound prospects, it’s time to start thinking about spreading the word.

The first step is making sure all your past contact list is cleaned up & uploaded to your new and improved automated follow up sequence.

Any past client or prospect you’d like to keep marketing to, automatically, forever, will be added to this list, so we can send them a fresh opt-in message to be sure we have their permission to begin marketing to them in this new, high-value, content-centric way.

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Seed Content of First Few Articles, Written In Advance.

To keep the process as relaxed & stress-free as possible, we don’t just draft a detailed Content Creation Plan.

We actually write the first few months worth of content, in advance!

By seeding your website, drip email, and social media with content ready to share, scheduled in advance, we keep the pressure low & buffer-time high.

Never-ending content marketing is a ton of work, including deep thought, advanced planning, strategic thinking, and of course, lots and lots of writing.

We’ll get the jump on it for you, weeks in advance of the first message being sent.

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Customized Past-Client Reconnect Message Delivery.

When everything is finally ready for action, the first step in truly launching your All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation campaign, is sending a reconnect message to your entire contact list.

Once we’ve pre-screened & deduped your list, we’ll be uploading it to your automated follow up system and sending a personalized, custom Reconnect Message to your past Clients, as well as other contacts in your network.

This message will be a simple opt-in to confirm their interest & permission to send them continued communication, punctuated by some type of personalized offer which we’ll work together to create, tailored to your brand, reputation, and local market.

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MONTHLY ONGOING: Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing.

Professionally Edited Videos Every Month.

ATTENTION: You (or a team member) must appear on video for at least 50% of your monthly videos! We can create some basic screencasts & slideshows, but someone from your team will need to appear on video as part of this service.

If words have power, and if a picture’s worth a thousand words, than there is no more profound medium of communication than video with thousands of pictures packed into each minute.

It not only gives you a way to stay personally in front of your Clients & Prospects. Recognition of you, your image, your name, and even your face can be accomplished to an unparalleled degree via video.

For PLUS+ and VIP All-In-One Lead Gen Clients, we’ll not only help guide you in video creation for those clips that include you (or your team) in front of the camera. We’ll also professionally edit all your videos to ensure they look as clean & upscale as possible before they ever reach your audience.

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All Videos Keyword Optimized For Local SEO.

Before uploading your videos to the most popular (and SEO-friendly) video sharing sites, we’ll make sure that your video is titled, tagged, and accompanied by a unique description all packed with just the right amount of geo-targeted local keywords.

This will ensure, thanks to your videos’ links to both your main website & your social media profiles, that you’ll also receive the maximum search traffic boost from all your video content, all of which ultimately will be aiming to drive inbound phone calls and visitors back to your website & opt-in funnels.

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All Videos Uploaded To The Top Video Sharing Sites.

Finally, once your videos have been professionally edited & keyword optimized, we’ll upload them to the top video hosting and sharing sites, of which Youtube and Vimeo are most important.

Once your videos are uploaded with a geo-targeted, keyword-optimized title and description, our job has only just begun, because now that video content will be shared on a blog post on your website, across your social media sites, as well as to your email list.

The goal is a multi-channel, consistent follow up experience, keeping you in front of your target audience for as little investment as possible while always focusing on ROI.

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Ongoing ‘Done For You’ Creation of Geo-Targeted Blog Posts.

While video is ideal for the added nuance & additional channels it can reach, ultimately the written word still drives the web.

Google has repeatedly made upgrades on their algorithm to favor sites that regularly produce new, quality content.

Plus, unique, relevant content will drive your social media participation and ongoing automated follow up sequences.

The core of this content consists of regularly updated blog posts & articles, which are included in every level of All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation packages.

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All Blog Posts Keyword Optimized For Local SEO.

Similar in approach to our video titles & dscriptions, every blog post will be carefully keyword optimized for locally geo-targeted search results.

One of the most critical goals of your blog content will always be to attract more search engine traffic, more local shares, more local inbound links (especially from local media & thought leaders), and ultimately more local visibility for the kind of relevant real estate searches that will drive quality opt-ins on your site.

Keyword optimization of these blog posts will be one of the single most valuable long-term investments yielded by this service. The more posts you have, and the longer they stay online, the better your chances at driving more & more search traffic, eventually dominating the SERPs for competitive, high-value keywords.

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All Content Shared Across Top Social Media Sites.

While Content is King, it’s only valuable if people see it, and are motivated by it to take action.

Social Media is not only one of the most popular segments of the web (from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter), it’s also a place where people are engaging with local happenings & social circles.

This means it’s the perfect place to talk about real estate, if what you’re talking about is unique, valuable to the reader, interesting, and not spammy.

We match our content creation approach, from videos to blog posts, to the Social Media cultures you’ll be sharing with.

Plus, search engines have consistently been upgrading the importance of “Social Signals,” meaning even if you’re getting very little ROI or actual, qualified prospect engagement via your social media presence, it’s still probably worth it just for the SEO benefit!

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Ongoing ‘Done For You’ Creation of New Drip Emails.

Your drip emails will form the foundation of your automated follow up.

Every other lead generation action you take will always have at least a side goal of capturing valid email addresses & opt-in.

That’s because your automated follow up system, centering around these drip emails (interconnecting your blog, videos, and social media), will go on forever!

One of the primary functions of the All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package, at all levels, is to create lifelong relationships with those whom you come into contact, while barely ever lifting a finger to do it.

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All Your Listings Automatically Shared to All Social Networks.

Since we’re already building this automated follow up system & multi-media online presence, it’s only natural that we’ll also promote all your listings to the network we’ve built (in a tasteful, non-aggressive way).

While you’ll still need to provide the listing title, details, pictures, and descriptions, we will do everything else, from formatting for Social Media, to writing brief posting intros & tweets, to posting & sharing across all your social media accounts.

Without being pushy or overly spammy, we’ll not only share your listings (MLS, off-market, investment deals, even financing* & service offers*), we’ll also tactfully include requests for referrals & reshares to help increase exposure and network effects.

*Depending on legality. If you have a financing or service offer you’d like to share over social media, pre-approval will be required.

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All Your Listings Automatically Shared to Your Email List.

In addition to sharing your listings with all your social media contacts, we will also write customized email subject lines & brief intros to share all your listings to your email list.

In essence, by sharing your listings first on Social Media, then immediately after via email (directing Prospects to the listing itself, and/or its shared locations on your Facebook or other social sites), we can help increase sharing velocity and get more eyeballs on your major revenue generating offers the moment they are ready.

This is all about not only reaching those who aren’t on social media: it’s about building compounding synergistic effects between all your lead nurturing efforts.

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All Your Listings Automatically Posted to Your Preferred Marketing Sites.

While you’ll still need to handle getting your ads posted to the MLS (if that’s part of your marketing strategy), everywhere else is on us.

As part of this service, we’ll not only share your listings on Social Media and via your Email List, we’ll also post them to your preferred marketing sites like:

  • Zillow / Trulia
  • Apartments.com
  • Classified Sites
  • You name it!

Thanks to our significant experience posting listing ads through Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services, we can easily get your listings posted to anywhere & everywhere you like with very little additional effort.

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Ongoing Monthly Marketing Consulting & Accountability Calls.

The final elements of All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation, reserved for PLUS+ and VIP Clients only, are monthly Consulting & Accountability Calls.

Your monthly calls can range from quick check-ins to make sure everything is up to par, to detailed investigative discussions helping improve your sales funnel or conversions.

Their most valuable goal, however, is to hold each other accountable for the ongoing growth & streamlining of your sales funnel, always keeping things on track. Having an extra set of eyes on your business objectives will help ensure you’re getting the best possible ROI from the service.

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Frequently Asked Questions: All-In-One Lead Generation

Index Of Questions & Answers You’ll Find Below In The FAQ:

Is All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation really guaranteed to get me leads???


If, after 12 months, you aren’t receiving a steady flow of inbound leads, the next 12 months are free.

Check out the Guarantee for full details here.

How many Leads will I be getting after X months?

This is impossible to say in advance, as it will vary on a case by case basis.

For example, some of the variables that will influence the number of leads you’re getting, and how fast you’re getting them, include:

  • The current age of your existing domain & website.
  • Your existing website’s Google Page Rank & inbound link profile.
  • Your already functional Lead Capture Funnel (or lack thereof).
  • Your brand reputation & public track record.
  • Your local market & target niche(s).
  • Existing competition & their savviness with similar tactics.
  • Your own commitment & input to these lead generation efforts.

That’s not to mention more macro factors, all outside of our control, like: overall market trends, economic fluctuations, new technologies, search engine algorithm changes, etc.

All of these will have an affect on the speediness & volume of new lead flow arriving.

So, while it’s impossible to say how fast you’ll get X number of leads, there is at least a worst case scenario bare minimum we can 100% guarantee:

You are 100% guaranteed to see at least 4 leads per month after 12 consecutive months with the service, or your next 12 months are free.

Check out the Guarantee for full details here.

That worst case scenario is almost impossible, and chances are you’ll be seeing more than 4 leads per month within a month or two. By the 12th month, it’s possible to see as many as 40 – 60+ leads per month, but it’s not possible to predict or guarantee that in advance.

How does All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation compare to Real Estate Telemarketing?

This was already discussed in detail.

For your answer, please:

Jump to ‘3 Big Reasons This Is Better Than Telemarketing’

How long will it take till I’m up & running with the service?

The Setup and Launch Phases of the Service will take approximately 45 days.

We’re working on getting it down to 30 (or fewer), but for now, we’ll be finished with the Setup Phase & wrapping up the Launch Phase with your Customized Past-Client Reconnect Message, to be sent around the 40th day.

Your setup fee covers that entire process, and is paid the moment you sign up.

Your first Monthly Ongoing Phase will begin on the 46th day, at which time you will be automatically billed your first monthly payment, and the normal routine of Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing tasks will begin.

From there, everything is month-to-month and very streamlined, with little required effort from your end.

Can I get a refund on my investment if I am dissatisfied or change my mind?


All sales are final.

From the moment you sign up, 4 – 6 highly devoted specialists will be getting to work on your campaign within the first 24 hours.

Once work has begun, there are no refunds.

The only scenarios where we’d ever consider a refund is:

  • If your life situation drastically changes and the service is no longer applicable, or
  • If we somehow fail to deliver due to factors outside anyone’s control.

In either case, refunds would be issued solely at our discretion, and are highly unlikely.

If a refund is issued, at most, it will be for the prorated amount of days left in the current month of service. Past months of service are never refunded.

How much does All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation cost?

Short answer:

VIP: $1,199 / mo + $1,699 one-time setup fee.
PLUS+: $799 / mo + $999 one-time setup fee.
BASIC: $499 / mo + $799 one-time setup fee.

Obviously, this doesn’t explain what’s included with each package, which is pretty important to know when evaluating whether these numbers are a good or bad deal for you.

Please review the Pricing Packages for complete details on what each package includes.

Can you help me decide which All-In-One Lead Gen Package is right for my business?


If you have questions about which All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Package is right for your business, please:

Click Here to Schedule a Quick Call with our Intake Manager, James.

Once you pick a date & time, the last question when you’re signing up is:

“If you could achieve one goal as a result of this call, what would it be?”

Answer that question with something like “Choosing the right All-In-One Lead Gen Package,” and you’ll have a time booked one-on-one with our Intake Manager to help determine the best possible choice for your business.

Can I buy exclusive rights to this All-In-One Lead Gen Package for my city or town?

Yes, but…

1. Area exclusivity will be expensive.

Depending on your area & target niche(s), you can expect a minimum requirement of $5,000 – $25,000+ per month, with at least a 12 month contract, with at least 3 months to be paid up-front, and automatic, scheduled direct deposits for the remaining months.

2. Area exclusivity will be granted solely at our discretion.

We first & foremost want to see a good, consistent, sustainable, long-term ROI for both of us. We also need to have a good culture fit & working relationship. Area exclusivity will not be granted by any universally standardized process, but rather will be considered strictly on a case-by-case basis.

If you’ve thought this through, and are serious, motivated, and able to afford the potential investment for area exclusivity of All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation, please:

Schedule a Quick Call with REVAS CEO, Marshall Hatfield.

When scheduling, the last input field is:

“Purpose Of Call”

Make sure to mention that you’re interested in Exclusivity on All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation for CITYNAME(s) or TOWNNAME(s).

Mr. Hatfield’s time is under heavy demand, and we reserve the right to cancel your scheduled appointment if you don’t follow instructions, or if for any reason we do not feel there is a potential compatibility, determined solely at our discretion.

Is it true that you remove & ban incompatible or non-performing Clients from the service?


Your professionalism, commitment, and follow through on the results of this service reflect on both of us.

While this is practically a ‘Done For You’ solution, there are still many points of contact & participation required from your end.

More important still: this approach will be generating leads, real people looking to you as an authority.

You need to be the type of consummate professional who is going to follow through on your promises, show up on time, say “Please” and “Thank You,” and ultimately provide a high-quality, valuable service to your Clients.

If we determine, for any reason & judged solely at our discretion, that you are operating your business unprofessionally, dishonestly, illegally, or otherwise incompatibly with our Core Values, we will absolutely “fire” you as a Client and potentially ban you from using the service in the future as well.

It’s very, very rare, but it does happen & we reserve the right to do so.

Can we get a group discount buying All-In-One Lead Gen for multiple users at once?


If you are planning to simultaneously sign up multiple users to All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation, we can potentially negotiate a personalized discount.

If you plan to simultaneously purchase the service for at least 4+ users, please:

Click Here to Schedule a Quick Call with our Intake Manager, James.

Once you pick a date & time, the last question when you’re signing up is:

“If you could achieve one goal as a result of this call, what would it be?”

Answer that question with something like “Multi-User Signup for All-In-One Lead Gen” and you’ll have a time booked one-on-one with our Intake Manager to assess your situation & research a personalized, discounted price quote.

The All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation Guarantee

Steady Leads Within 12 Months, Or The Next 12 Months Are Free!

While it’s impossible to say exactly how many leads you’ll be getting, how many sales you’ll be closing, or how long that will take, there is a bare minimum we absolutely guarantee you’ll achieve (or we’ll keep working for free):

After 12 consecutive months with the service, you are guaranteed to be receiving at least 4 inbound leads per month, or your next 12 months are free.

Stick with the service for 12 months. Keep up with your lead flow and content responsibilities, and we’ll continue building out your content & networks.

Watch your website’s traffic stats climbing, your search rankings rising, your social media expanding, and your database of automatically nurtured leads growing.

Get used to this more integrated, automated approach to real estate lead generation & lead nurturing.

Ideally, you’ll be seeing closer to 40 – 50 warm inbound leads per month after a whole year with the service. But that depends on your local market, your target niche(s), and the state of your existing lead flow before arriving here.

What we can 100% guarantee, regardless of those other variables & contributing factors is:

Within 12 months, you’ll be receiving at least 4 inbound leads per month, or your next 12 months are free.

This Guarantee represents a highly unlikely, worst-case scenario. Chances are good you’ll be seeing many more leads in much less time.

But, just in case you somehow end up the unlucky one, and that very rare worst case scenario comes true, you can rest assured that your investment here is secured by a minimum threshold of guaranteed results (or we’ll keep working for free to achieve it).

What Qualifies As An “Inbound Lead” Under The Scope Of This Guarantee?

An Inbound Lead, as far as the term is used herein, means:

Any inquiry into your business from an interested prospective customer as a result of this service.

We can’t guarantee the quality of the leads, nor how many leads it will take for you to close a sale. These factors are outside of our control.

What we can guarantee is that at least 4 prospective customers per month (“Inbound Leads”) will be arriving into your sales funnel as a direct result of this service.

This also means that these Inbound leads are in addition to your baseline of leads already arriving before you begin the service. In other words, if you already get 12 leads per month, we’ll need to boost that number by 4 more monthly inbound leads, to 16 per month, by the end of one year with All-In-One Real Estate Lead Generation.

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