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Welcome to the REVAS Package:

All-In-One Property Management Virtual Assistant

‘Done For You’ Property Management Outsourcing For All Non-Physical Functions.

From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
Jan, 2017

As a landlord myself, property management tasks hold a special sort of love/hate relationship to my heart.

On the one hand, they present an excellent opportunity for systematization, automation, and continuous lean improvement (all 3 passions of mine).

On the other hand, dealing with tenants is the worst, from London to New York to Omaha to Karachi.

People in their role as renters can be on some of their worst behavior, and when you deal with hundreds or thousands of tenants, you’re guaranteed to encounter some real gems??.

Luckily, at REVAS, we have the back-office tasks of a typical landlord or property management operation down to a science.

Working with property management agencies from around the globe, we’ve had a chance to see inside hundreds of successful businesses, to build systems & processes for most of the non-physical components required to be a landlord.

The Complete Package (Pick & Choose or Buy as a Bundle):


[Filling Vacant Units]

✔ Custom tailored listing ads for all your rentals.

✔ Posting ads for your vacant units online to dozens of sites.

✔ 24×7 automated messages to gather prospect data.

✔ Prospective tenant screening based on your pre-defined criteria.

✔ Entering all prospect data into your CRM & property management software.

✔ Scheduling showings & coordinating open houses with your on-site team.

✔ Following up with prospective tenants to help drive sales.


[Servicing Tenants]

✔ Keeping tenants’ leases on-file & updated in your property management software.

✔ 24×7 emergency maintenance call answering & dispatch service.

✔ Dedicated local phone numbers & email IDs for you to route all maintenance requests.

✔ Maintenance call follow up to ensure work is completed satisfactorily.

✔ Entering all maintenance invoices & receipts into your property management software.

✔ Late rent reminders & follow up collection calls.

✔ Unit inspection scheduling assistance.


[Move Out & Turnover]

✔ Updating property management software when tenants move in or out.

✔ Following up with tenants for testimonials & online reviews.

✔ Coordinating with turnover crews to prepare vacant for new tenant.

✔ Keeping income & expense data up-to-date in your property management software.

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✔ Deliver rapid repair turnaround & top-notch customer service for your tenants.

✔ Take a permanent vacation from back-and-forth phone tag with contractors & renters.

✔ Get peace of mind knowing your repair requests are answered without lifting a finger.

✔ Track every detail online in a secure cloud-based software 100% on auto-pilot.

✔ Outsource your maintenance calls once and fo