Real Estate Investor A.I. Effortlessly Nurtures Seller Leads

24 x 7 x 365: Qualify New Leads, Schedule Warm Calls, and Rekindle Stale Conversations

Currently Available for Real Estate INVESTORS Only

Investor AI is still in BETA. Early adopters get lifetime discounts.





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1. A TIME BOMB IS TICKING! Get With AI, or Get Left Behind

2. 3 URGENT PROBLEMS: The Purpose for This AI Solution

3. GAME CHANGING TECH: Behavioral Triggers + Conversational AI

4. DETAILED BREAKDOWN: Exactly What’s Included in the Bundle

5. LOCAL EXCLUSIVITY: Only One Investor Per Metro Area

6. PRICING & PACKAGES: Find Out If This Is Right For You

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Get With AI … or Get Left Behind

From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
March, 2021

As soon as I heard about a Real Estate Broker in Washington replacing 5 full-time ISAs with a Conversational Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), built on top of killer Behaviorally Triggered Marketing Automations in his CRM, I knew the game was about to change.

Via SMS Text, Email, Website Live Chat, even Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp:

Conversational A.I. has reached the point where it can — in narrow, clear-cut scenarios — convince people they’re speaking to a real human.

That means we’ve reached the point now, where AI can greet & nurture Leads as well as a person (in some circumstances).

I started out using a few so-called “A.I. Assistants” to nurture my Buyer & Seller Leads as a Real Estate Agent (I switched to eXp, and you should too!).

But I generally prefer working as an Investor / Wholesaler.

Plus, my best Seller Lead Generation Campaigns as an Agent are the ones where I approach as a Cash Buyer FIRST (then pivot to a Listing if their property is too nice for the “Investor Offer”).

You know what I found?

There is NO OTHER SOLUTION to provide pre-trained, off-the-shelf Conversational A.I. for Real Estate Investors!!!

So I built it myself.

Or rather, I worked with some of the best AI and Marketing Automation experts in the world, to build the “dream follow up system” I always wished I had.

Now I have it!

But I’m only ever going to use it in my own backyard (here in Cincinnati, OH at the moment).

So, for a limited number of locally exclusive licenses, we’ll be making our proprietary Real Estate Investor Conversational AI Lead Nurturing System available to a select group of non-competing Real Estate Investors around the US and Canada, until we sell out.

This is — by far — the most sophisticated Real Estate Investor Lead Nurturing System in the world… built for Investors, by Investors.

Keep reading to learn how it works, and how to get it for your own business.

Marshall Hatfield
REVAS Founder & CEO


Here’s Why We Needed to Do This

URGENT PROBLEM #1: Wasted Leads = Wasted Money

Wasted Leads are an epidemic in Real Estate.

At REVAS, more than half of our total revenue comes from various Real Estate Investor Lead Generation activities. We generate a lot of Leads, and I see a lot creating problems for a lot of Clients.

Speed-to-Lead, Follow Up, and Nurturing are not easy.

Plus, as an Investor myself, I know this problem all to well…

You are either:

(a) spending a ton on your Software + ISAs + Acquistion Managers,


(b) missing out on deals for lack of Follow Up,


(c) Both!!

URGENT PROBLEM #2: A.I. is Here to Stay (and Getting Better)

This is the “Ticking Time Bomb” mentioned above:

Whether you like it or not, AI is going to be Nurturing Leads, and much more, in the Real Estate Investor Business of the not-too-distant future.

You either get ahead of the curve, systematizing & automating your business ahead of the competition…

… Or you wait for your competition to do it, and get left in the dust.

URGENT PROBLEM #3: Building Your Own AI Follow Up System Is HARD!

Trust me, I just did it!

And frankly, it’s going to continue to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for ongoing maintenance, hosting, and improvements for years to come.

Plus, the Behavioral Triggers, Marketing Automations, and Drip Sequences we built out to power the AI were a nightmare.

We’re talking thousands of texts, emails, and RVM scripts, all deployed automatically based on the Prospect’s actions, according to our proprietary 37 Seller Lead Behavioral Triggers.


Marketing Automation + Conversational AI Squeezes More Money Out of Your Leads

I was always a big Marketing Automation guy, since back in the early Infusionsoft days of Internet Marketing.

We’ve used built-out custom versions of Podio, Zoho, Hubspot, and Pipedrive in my own Investing business.



Exactly What’s Included With This Bundle

Everything is broken down into two categories, the:

    and the

We’re first including a “Quick Overview” of each, then will be digging into them in robust detail below.


The CORE SERVICE BUNDLE is what’s automatically included with the Service.

These items are priced out on a Monthly Platform Fee + Useage Costs.

The CORE SERVICE BUNDLE is everything you’ll need to:

  • Instantly reach out to new Leads,
  • Use AI to respond to & Nurture Leads,
  • Convert a Higher Percentage of Leads to Appointments,
  • Convert a Higher Percentage of Prospects to Deals.


The VALUE ADDED SERVICES are all about (i) driving more Leads into your Investor AI Pipeline and (ii) integrating VIP Sphere Nurturing touches.

These include bread & butter Lead Gen Activities like:

  • Done-For-You List Building & Skip Tracing
  • Outbound Cold Call Telemarketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, and PPC Ad Campaigns
  • Geo-Targeted Seller Lead Direct Mail

The VALUE ADDED SERVICES also include high-touch Sphere Nurturing via content marketing like:

  • Branded Periodicals (Glossy Magazines)
  • Personal Greeting Cards on Special Occassions
  • Daily Social Media Posting & Strategic Boosting


Mini-Table Of Contents
  1. AI Sales Assistant (SMS + Messenger)*
  2. Warm Lead Hand-Offs (Call-Backs, Appointments, and Live Transfers)
  3. Pre-Built, Custom Tailored Marketing Automation Campaigns
  4. Instant Speed-to-Lead, 24 x 7 x 365 (via SMS, Email, and RVM)
  5. Stale Lead Rekindling
  6. Never Ending Nurturing & Follow Up
  7. 2-Way Sync With Your Existing CRM
  8. Your Own Investor AI Dashboard & Tools

AI Sales Assistant (SMS + Messenger)*

*Email Coming Soon

We put this first, because the AI Sales Assistant is a value-add for literally everything else.

That’s because now, for the first time ever, you can have an AI Sales Assistant communicating back & forth with Motivated Seller Leads… who will think it’s a real person.

Now, if a Prospect is using Text, Facebook Messenger, or Email, the AI will be replying back & forth whenever:

  • New Leads Are Generated,
  • Current Leads Are Responding, and
  • Conversations Are Going Stale.

The AI Sales Assistant will help pre-qualify, automate, and hand-off ONLY “Appointment Ready” Leads.

Plus, for simple Follow Up Nurtures, e.g. when a Prospect says “I’m still not ready, call me back in 3 months” … the AI can handle the entire conversation without a human lifting a finger!

Warm Lead Hand-Offs (Call-Backs, Appointments, and Live Transfers)

The ultimate goal of this whole system is to pre-qualify Leads so they’re ready for you in-house Sales Team.

Whatever hand-off process you prefer, we will custom tailor our end to match your existing systems & processes.

  • We integrate with your current CRM.
  • We can book calls directly onto your calendar.
  • We can connect you live to a Prospect who requested a call-back.

These “Warm Lead Hand-Offs” are the foundation of this entire Investor AI Bundle.

If you dream it up, we can set it up (to be sure you’re getting the highest possible value from every Warm Lead we Nurture).

Pre-Built, Custom Tailored Marketing Automation Campaigns

With our proprietary 37 Seller Behavioral Triggers™ we will be closely monitoring all your Leads’ activities, ranging from things like:

  • Submitting a Lead Form,
  • Opening an Email,
  • A Home Purchase Anniversary,
  • 14 Days With No Contact,
  • And 33 more Behavioral Triggers!

Each of these will have a sequence of:

  • Follow Up Texts,
  • Drip Emails, and
  • Ringless Voicemails.

Every message will have the ultimate goals of Building Trust, Nurturing Rapport, and ultimately:

Pushing every Prospect to become a “Warm Lead Hand-Off.”

(Plus, whenever anyone replies to any Marketing Automation messages, the Investor AI will step in to help pre-qualify, nurture, and answer basic FAQs.)

Instant Speed-to-Lead, 24 x 7 x 365 (via SMS, Email, and RVM)

One of the benefits of combining state-of-the-art Marketing Automations, with a Conversational AI, is that now we can carry on basic back-and-forth conversations 24 x 7 x 365.

The AI never takes a day off, and the Marketing Automations are Behaviorally Triggered, so essentially:

We’re tracking your Leads, and engaging with them on their schedules!

That means whether your Lead comes in at 9am, 5pm, or 2am, our system will reach out, ask them simple questions, and work to schedule a higher-level call with you (on your schedule).

Best of all: for this round-the-clock coverage, where we’ll never need a vacation or sick day, you pay a fraction of the cost of a part-time employee!

Stale Lead Rekindling


Never Ending Nurturing & Follow Up


2-Way Sync With Your Existing CRM


Your Own Investor AI Dashboard & Tools



Mini-Table Of Contents
  1. LEAD GEN: Done-For-You List Building & Skip Tracing.
  2. LEAD GEN: Outbound Cold Call Telemarketing.
  3. LEAD GEN: Geo-Targeted Direct Mail.
  4. LEAD GEN: Managed Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns.
  5. LEAD GEN: Managed Google Adwords PPC Campaigns.
  6. SPHERE NURTURE: Branded Periodicals.
  7. SPHERE NURTURE: Personal Greeting Cards.
  8. SPHERE NURTURE: Daily Social Media Posting.

Done-For-You List Building & Skip Tracing


For this, we can do everything, from pulling the List, to getting it Skip Traced, to getting it uploaded into your Texting or Dialer Account & creating a Campaign to start working!

From start to finish, we can get this handled at $0.10 to $0.15 per record, including Raw Data + Skip Tracing (for Phone Numbers & Email Addresses).

For Skip Tracing ONLY we can get that rate down to $0.08 – $0.10 per record, and potentially even a bit lower at very high volumes (10,000+ records).

To help guide us into choosing the best List(s) for your criteria, you will simply need to provide some details to target, like:
Zip Codes,
Property Valuation,
Distressed Situation,
Year Built,
You don’t have to provide details on every one of those criteria, those are just some of the ways we can pre-qualify the list.

Simply send over your ideas, and I can run a count from there, then create the Custom Invoice for your first batch of List Data.


There is also a super special hidden option we just got hooked up with…

Through a partner of our’s, who has his own internal database, we can provide Homeowner Records for a whole County at $0.01 per record.

It will not include any more info than:
Owner Name
Phone Number (only 1 Phone Number per Owner)
However, at $0.01 per record, it’s so cheap, that it may be worth a test. Food for thought!

Outbound Cold Call Telemarketing



Geo-Targeted Direct Mail



Managed Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns



Managed Google Adwords PPC Campaigns



Branded Periodicals



Personal Greeting Cards



Daily Social Media Posting




Only One Investor Per Metro Area



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All new Real Estate Investor AI Systems require a one-time $1,995 setup fee.

During the Setup Phase, the REVAS CEO will work with you personally to custom tailor our Marketing Automations to your business.

Then, we’ll be syncing up all our systems to your existing CRM & Sales Process so we can seamlessly merge with what’s already working for you.

Finally we’ll be pre-screening your existing database to prepare any Leads ready for immediate nurturing.

Once everything is setup, we work on a month-to-month basis with a flat fee + useage based billing: