Administrative Assistants

Real Estate Administrative Assistant

Administrative Virtual Assistants: By Category

Transaction Coordinator


For Management Of Transaction Documents & Procedures

Research & Scraping


For Gathering, Organizing, And Compiling Info Off The Internet

Real Estate List Building


For Building Contact Lists Of Potential Clients, Investors, Buyers, And Sellers

Data Entry Services


For Note Taking, Record Keeping, Transcription, Copy & Paste, And More

Website Maintenance


For Simple Website Maintenance, Updates, And Troubleshooting

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Administrative Virtual Assistant Services

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

A Transaction Coordinator (“TC”) is a very specialized Real Estate Virtual Assistant, who spends all day, every day, focusing on smoothly running a clients’ contract-to-close process… without you needing to hardly lift a finger. This includes closing document management, buyer, seller, and contractor followup, pipeline software admin support, and more.


Online Research & Data Scraping Services

No matter what you need to find out, chances are you can find the answers & info you need somewhere on the web. Whether you need to look up specific property data or comps, or if you need to find out pertinent details about local market news & persons of interest… our Web Research & Data Scraping experts can help you get the info you need in the format of your choice.

Real Estate List Building Services

If you need to build a Lead List or Property List, our experts in data acquisition & organization can help. Perhaps you need a list of every property owner (and their contact info) for a certain zip code, or for a list of certain properties, or for a list of new homeowners & recent movers. Regardless of your needs, we can help you build quality data lists to launch all your direct marketing campaigns.

Data Entry & Record Keeping

When it comes to real estate, paperwork & record keeping is abundant and unavoidable. From property notes, to client files, to agreements & legal docs, to company memo’s & conference minutes … significant time is spent entering and organizing data. We can help with all of it, whether you need audio transcription, hard document digitization, or organization & cataloging of already digital documents. Our Data Entry Virtual Assistants get the job done.

Basic Website Maintenance

If you run a real estate website that is regularly updated, then you are well aware of how much work goes in to keeping everything running smoothly. From uploading listing information, making updates, blogging & posting press releases, to design work, tech troubleshooting, and site overhauls … our website maintenance Virtual Assistants understand the web needs of real estate companies, and have you covered.