Pre-Qualified Acquisition Leads

Pre-Qualified Real Estate Acquisition Leads

Pre-Qualified Property Acquisition Leads


To help you find off-market property deals that fit your investment criteria, and to pre-qualify the owners’ motivation to sell, including helping to negotiate a ball-park asking price & scheduling time(s) for you to visit the property in person.

How It Works:

First, you provide us a lead list of potential properties in which you are interested (ideally including the owners’ name & contact information). If you do not have this type of list, we can help you build or acquire one. Popular lead lists often used for this service include things like Probates, Pre-foreclosures, Expired listings, FSBOs, and even occassionally just specific types of property within a certain city / town / region (multi-family, medical buildings, self-storage, etc).

Once we have the lead list of property owners’ info, we can use any & all mediums of communication to contact the property owners, including phone, email, and / or direct mail (depending on your budget & objectives).

We already have proven phone scripts & acquisitions specialists ready to cold call property owners to find out if they’re willing to sell.

Our goal will be to find most motivated sellers. When we find them, we’ll report back to you with their property info, then get your rough ball-park offer. At that point, we can even handle basic price negotiations as well as scheduling a time for you & your local team to visit in-person.

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