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REVAS InvestorRabbit™ :: 'Done For You' Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

Are you a house flipper, landlord, commercial property owner, or Investor’s Agent, wondering about the best real estate investor lead generation options?

REVAS InvestorRabbit™ is your:

  • 100% ‘Done For You,’
  • locally exclusive,
  • guaranteed source for
  • pre-qualified real estate investor leads.

Our Proven Real Estate Investor Lead Generation System is Working Right Now (In Some of the Most Competitive Markets).

With InvestorRabbit™, We Put This System to Work For You!

This fully Done-For-You Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Service is designed with one goal in mind:

Steady, pre-qualified, off-market Deal Flow for Real Estate Investors.


Plus, REVAS CEO, Marshall Hatfield, will share how this unique offering arose from humble beginnings in a local “we buy houses” website, evolving into what is today a nationwide motivated seller & cash buyer lead funnel.

Finally you’ll discover exactly what’s included, should you choose to become an InvestorRabbit™ Local Exclusive Licensee for your own major metro area.

If you’re an active & serious real estate investor, continue reading to learn more about securing your own guaranteed 4 exclusive leads per month.

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InvestorRabbit™ :: Real Estate Investor Lead Generation [the Marathon]
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For Real Estate Investors, Lead Generation & Follow Up Are More of a Marathon Than a Sprint.

To thrive as a real estate investor, you need a never ending flow of motivated seller leads to source hot deals.

You need to beat your competition to those hot deals, or kiss your potential ROI goodbye.

You need to be first to find off-market property deals, ranging from out-of-town owners, to estates, to handyman specials, to sellers desperate to get rid of their property.

You need to stay in front of those sellers, sometimes for a year (or more) till they’re ready & able to sell.

You need to generate real estate cash buyer leads & find new investment partners, so your access to capital never runs dry.

Oh, and that is all in addition to actually doing deals! (Closing, fixing, flipping, renting, and more.)

This ‘Done For You’ Approach Comes With Good News and Bad News.

The Bad News:

Due to its highly specialized nature, InvestorRabbit™ is locally exclusive.

We can accept only one Real Estate Investor per major metro area.

Since we guarantee at least 4 leads per month for each InvestorRabbit™ location…

… we would be competing against ourselves and cannibalizing your results by sharing the wealth with more than one investor per market.

By granting local exclusive licenses, we can be certain that each InvestorRabbit™ licensee is receiving a real, guaranteed competitive advantage.

It’s great for the InvestorRabbit™ licensee, but sucks for everyone else who missed out.

And of course, unfortunately:

You’re still going to have to do the deals yourself!

The Good News:

InvestorRabbit™ helps with all other aspects of generating & nurturing Real Estate Investor leads.


At capacity, our nationwide lead funnel generates a guaranteed minimum of 3,744+ leads per year.

Leased exclusively to — at most — 78 local Real Estate Investors around the country, InvestorRabbit is the world’s only:

100% ‘Done For You’ solution for a steady, guaranteed flow of off-market Motivated Seller Leads & Investor / Cash Buyer Leads.
Check Availability in Your Target Investing Location(s).

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Humble Beginnings: A Story From InvestorRabbit™ Creator & REVAS Founder, Marshall Hatfield

From a Cincinnati “We Buy Houses” Site to a Nationwide Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Funnel

From The Desk of
Marshall Hatfield
REVAS CEO & Founder
Cincinnati, OH
Sep, 2017

It all started from a humble, local “We Buy Houses” website.

A lame HTML site I built for myself, by hand:

I launched this website way back in 2011, and it looked like this (thanks to

That was version 2.0 … there was an even worse looking predecessor.

Sure, web design has come a long way since 2011, but:

That simple site worked.

Even back then.

Even looking like that.

I built it part-time, while I was working for a team of local investors here in Cincinnati.

Since it was pure HTML, if I changed the main menu or sidebar on one page, I had to change it manually on every other single page on the site!

Plus it was hard to add or re-arrange content without breaking everything.

The website was an after-thought (at best).

My actual job included run-of-the-mill investor duties like:

  • Cold call telemarketing,
  • Posting bandit signs,
  • Stuffing envelopes, and
  • Driving around looking for vacant & distressed properties.

Yes, while I am able to earn $5,000+ per day via in-person Consulting now

It was only 6 years ago that I was personally doing these menial real estate investor lead generation tasks myself!

However, in my free time I kept tweaking, adjusting, and adding to the website.

While all those other lead generation efforts I was doing required active, ongoing, continuous effort to keep seeing results…

The website started generating a steady, consistent flow of inbound leads, whether or not I actively was updating it!

It was just sitting, driving inbound leads via email & phone including:

  • Owners of Fixer Uppers that needed a cash offer,
  • Inheritors of properties that just wanted it off their hands,
  • Landlords unloading a problem property or a whole portfolio when retiring,
  • Pre-foreclosures, cloudy titles, and short sales who felt a Realtor couldn’t help,
  • Other cash buyers & real estate investors looking for more deals.

Fast forward a few years, and I even got my very first 100% self-funded, self-managed fix & flip deal from the website.

After profiting $20k on a $50k investment by flipping a house that only needed cosmetic improvements, I started to finally realize:

Hey, maybe there’s really something to this website lead generation thing!

It was then (about 2 years ago) that I really started back into the website lead funnel, implementing everything we’d learned over the years here through REVAS:

  • Geotargeted locally optimized internal site pages.
  • Long-tail keyword content.
  • Efficient internal site linking structure.
  • Carefully refined Conversion Ratio Optimized funnel.
  • High click-through title tags for search results.
  • Up-to-date & professional site design.
  • Customized local images and graphics.
  • Too much more to list…

It didn’t take long before the site was climbing the Search Engine Ranked Placements (SERPs), driving more “free” traffic through organic Google searches, without lifting a finger.

Since then, we’ve meticulously studied every single real estate investor lead generation product & service available, and ruthlessly copied and improved on what’s working in all the most competitive markets.

We’ve cloned the CincyBuyer success to 78 major metro areas around the country.

Now, thanks to the network effect & economies of scale we’re slowly bringing every site into dominant positions among local search results… with a competitive edge no single local competitor can match.

That competitive edge is what you are buying here.

We have figured out what works to generate real estate investor leads, and we’re constantly staying updated:

Since we guarantee leads for our exclusive local InvestorRabbit™ licensees…

It’s in our interest as much as yours to see that these sites are dominant in your local market.

InvestorRabbit™ licensees are REVAS VIPs, because we are bound by the offer itself to get you results (or we will be paying real $$ for the failure!).

That’s also why we’re always innovating & improving our InvestorRabbit™ funnels, to ensure you’re always 110% satisfied with the service & earning an incredibly high ROI “bang for your buck.”

Don’t take my word for it:

In the next chapter on “How It Works” we’ll be revealing all our secrets to real estate investor lead generation that make it possible for us to guarantee leads for 78 major metro areas around the country.
Check Availability in Your Target Investing Location(s).

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How It Works: Our Secrets of ‘Real Estate Investor Lead Generation’ … Revealed.

Our Local Investor Sites Are Already Generating Hot Motivated Seller & Real Estate Cash Buyer Leads in 79 Major Metro Markets.

InvestorRabbit™ all started from a simple “We Buy Houses” website based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition to being REVAS Founder & CEO, I’m also a real estate investor in Cincinnati, and built my own site way back in 2011 when working on a team of other local investors.

Today, that little “We Buy Houses” website, and the traffic generation & lead capture lessons we learned, have transformed into a nationwide Motivated Seller and Cash Buyer Lead Generation machine,

Guaranteeing 3,264 leads per year to our exclusive local Real Estate Investor Clients around the country,

Connecting them with motivated sellers on upwards of $655,084,800 worth of real estate.

We Generate Leads Via Locally Targeted Lead Capture Sites.

You Get Exclusive Rights to All Those Local Leads.

InvestorRabbit™ is a pre-built, ‘done for you’ real estate investor lead generation funnel that you are leasing from us.

We own, maintain, and guarantee the effectiveness of the funnel.

You get total ownership of all local leads generated for your exclusive area(s) (a minimum of 4 leads per month or we refund half your monthly payment!).

  1. We built sites in high traffic areas,
  2. We use proven systems to drive targeted traffic,
  3. We capture Motivated Seller & Cash Buyer / Investor leads,
  4. We nurture those Seller & Buyer leads,
  5. And then we lease 100% ownership rights of all of those pre-nurtured leads to your real estate business (only one exclusive license per location).

Don’t take my word from it, check out the examples of how it works below.

Detailing Exactly How It Works in 3 Simple Stages


Our sites are being visited in your local market via search traffic every day. Here are some examples:

The Big Targets

“Sell My House Cityname” | “We Buy Houses Cityname”

The Long-Tail Keywords

Hundreds… Including:

“Sell Inherited House Cityname”

“Sell House that Needs Work Cityname”

“Sell House Relocating Cityname” | “Sell House When Moving Cityname”

“Sell Vacant House Cityname”

“Sell Expired Listing Cityname”

“Sell House Behind on Payments”

And many, many more… Even if we’re not ranking 1st for every term, we’re on the front page for more terms than any other site in town.

Plus we’re already doing all the hard work of ranking for all your local keywords, so you don’t have to.

Simply sign up for your locally exclusive InvestorRabbit™ and those SEO visitors are all yours, and yours alone.


Once a visitor arrives to the site, we have a well optimized Conversion Funnel. We don’t just rank weak, out-dated, ugly pages. Check it out:

The Home Page Landing

The Home Page itself ranks for many keywords. That’s why it has multiple CTAs above the fold:

Plus, when someone does decide to scroll, we keep them engaged with over 1,600 words of content w/ images and Calls To Action throughout.

Long-Tail Keyword Landing Pages

Most of the site’s traffic comes from these hyper-targeted long-tail keyword matching pages. They always have multiple CTAs above the fold, as well as 500 – 1,500+ words of valuable, unique content.

“Sell Inherited House”

“Sell My House Cityname”

“Sell Apartment Building”

The Lead Capture Pages

Every page on the site leads to one of three “Squeeze” Pages:

Seller Squeeze Page

Buyer / Investor Squeeze Page

More Info Page

No matter where someone arrives at any InvestorRabbit™ local site, the goal is to capture their contact information & follow up.

All sites are built using today’s Conversion Ratio Optimization best practices, proven in action over years of trial & error on 78+ local niche sites.

Our consistent, CRO-based approach guarantees a high number of monthly leads opting in to your exclusive sales funnel!


Even people who need to sell their house “fast” might still take 3 – 9+ months of nurturing.

Plus, a substantial portion of the leads you’ll generate as a real estate investor will not be immediately ready to buy or sell. The sales cycle average 9 – 24+ months, but we’ve seen conversions from leads 3 – 5+ years old!

InvestorRabbit™ handles this ongoing follow up for you, automatically.

Smooth Opt-in Process

First things first, once someone submits the “Seller” form, you’ll get a notification that looks like this:

Seller Notification 

(what you see)

Seller Notification 

(what they see)

Automatic Email Follow Ups

You can even add other leads into this InvestorRabbit™ funnel, since these drip emails will be personalized to your business & contact info!

Ongoing Seller Follow Up Messages

(Just a sampling of the auto-nurture campaign.)

Seller Follow Up Message Examples

Your Branded ‘Home Seller’s Guide

[140+ pg PDF]

This custom written & professionally formatted book is yours to do with as you please as an InvestorRabbit™ licensee.

You can print it, share it with other leads online, and even take & re-purpose pieces of the content for your other marketing materials.

The only thing you can’t do with your branded ‘Home Seller’s Guide’ is get an ISBN or publish it (since we retain exclusive publishing rights).

How We Can Guarantee 4+ Motivated Sellers & Cash Buyer Leads, Every Single Month, Without You Lifting a Finger.

At its core, InvestorRabbit™ is:

  • Locally exclusive,
  • Done-for-you,
  • Online,
  • Real Estate Investor Lead Generation.

What does that mean?

Through a ridiculous amount of trial & error, investing into content, Conversion Ratio Optimization, web design, graphic design, and more…

… We’ve cracked the code for local niche SEO when it comes to building “Sell My House” / “We Buy Houses” / “Real Estate Investor” websites that really convert.

We figured out how to dominate local search results with a carefully concocted combination of:

1. Comprehensive long-tail content creation.

Our sites average of 100s of unique internal pages per site, vs. competitors’ sites averaging less than 50 pages.

Our Sites:

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation: Our Websites [588 pages]

Their Sites:

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation: Their Websites [34 pages]

Each of those pages we create is focused on a unique, locally geo-targeted keyword or set of keywords, and represents hundreds of hours of SEO research, copy writing, editing, software development, process automation, and content publishing.

2. Highly engaging & niche targeted landing pages.

Two of the most (increasingly) important SEO indicators for Google are Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration (Avg. Time on Site).

Google wants to see people search for a term, arrive at your site, then stay there awhile. It means that person found what they were searching for!

Know what is the worst possible phenomenon for your future Organic Search Traffic?

The Pogo Bounce: When someone arrives at your site via Google search, then instantly bounces away.

Google sees this, and reads it as:

“When it comes to this search term, that site wasn’t what they were looking for.”

Once this happens a few times on a certain term, your site will lose ranking rapidly.

Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about this as an InvestorRabbit™ Client; we’ve got it handled.

Our typical website visitor will browse 3.84 pages and spend nearly 7 minutes on the site (6:52)!

This is because we’ve mastered the art of creating very targeted, relevant, unique & helpful content.

We never slack on writing, formatting, and design, so it pays off for you (if you secure your local market’s exclusive license).

3. Strong Calls To Action (CTAs) & Lead Capture Pages.

While it’s great to generate a steady flow of search traffic, website visitors are not conversions. They equal exactly $0.

What’s important about your real estate investor lead generation funnel is that you’re actually capturing leads!

Strong CTAs are what allow us to keep a good percentage of website visitors:

  • Contacting you directly,
  • Requesting more information.

As we mentioned in #2 above, a key component of our overall approach is reducing bounce rate. The pogo bounce is our arch nemesis.

Examples of InvestorRabbit™ Calls To Action [CTAs]

In addition to carefully designed & hand-written content to capture a website visitor’s attention, all InvestorRabbit™ landing pages include tested & proven CTAs. Here is a great example:

Highlighting the prominent Calls To Action (CTAs) on an InvestorRabbit™ site.

Highlighting the prominent Calls To Action (CTAs) on an InvestorRabbit™ site.

Examples of InvestorRabbit™ Lead Capture Pages

All 3 of those CTAs are clickable, and all lead to carefully crafted lead capture pages like the following.

Seller Squeeze Page Example

Home Seller’s Guide Squeeze Page Example


Check Availability for Your Local Market’s Exclusivity.

What’s Included With REVAS InvestorRabbit™?

The World’s Only 100% ‘Done For You’ One-Stop-Shop For

Guaranteed Real Estate Investor Lead Generation

(From $399 / mo – $999 / mo, depending on location).

All InvestorRabbit™ Clients automatically receive the following…


Exclusive Local Leads (Guaranteed 4+ Per Month) Generated By REVAS,

Block Out Competitors As Long As Your Account Stays Active,

• Instant Lead Delivery via Email and SMS Text Message (Your Choice),

• Exclusive Resale Rights of Your Local License If You Ever Decide to Leave the Service.*

• Steady Flow of Off-Market Seller Leads and Investor / Cash Buyer Leads,

Personalized Content & Branding on Your Local InvestorRabbit™ Site,

• White Label 140+ pg PDF Lead Magnet Home Seller’s Guide You Can Use in All Your Marketing.

• Automatic Email Lead Nurturing for Sellers Who Aren’t Quite Ready to Sell.

Plus, generate even more leads with these…


ADD-ON: Niche Dominating SEO Website – Your Own Local InvestorRabbit™ Clone to Keep Forever.**

(Starting @ $399 per month.)

ADD-ON: Real Estate List Building – Get Owner Name + Contact Info for almost) anyone!

($0.30 per retrieved record)

ADD-ON: Real Estate Telemarketing – Cold call property owners for even more Seller Leads.

(Take 10% off our normal US-based & Overseas VA rates)

ADD-ON: Guaranteed PPC – Let us manage your Google Adwords budget & get guaranteed results.

(Minimum $700 / mo Ad Spend)

REMINDER: Only One Real Estate Investor per Location.

Claim Your City Now, Before Someone Else Does!

*NOTE: If you decide to sell your local license before you leave the service, you are free to do so, if & only if you:

(i) notify us in advance of your intentions to sell the license,

(ii) keep your account in good standing until the date of sale & transfer to the new local licensee (delinquent accounts with a balance owed cannot be sold), and

(iii) pay a 10% transfer fee on your final sale price to REVAS.

**NOTE: While ADD-ON “Niche Dominating SEO Website” provides a custom InvestorRabbit™ clone site that’s 100% yours to keep forever…

InvestorRabbit™ Website Hosting is non-transferable.

You will need to maintain a REVAS Website Hosting account in good standing if you discontinue the InvestorRabbit™ Lead Generation service, to keep your new InvestorRabbit™ website ADD-ON live on the web.

This only effects those who leave the service: as long as your InvestorRabbit™ Lead Generation & ADD-ON “SEO Website” account remains active, your unique, personalized website & hosting are included at no additional cost.

The InvestorRabbit™ Monthly Money-Back Guarantee

You Receive 4 Leads Per Month, Every Month, For Every Location…

Or We Refund Half Your Monthly InvestorRabbit™ Payment!

Starting on the 2nd month of service, you’ll receive a minimum of 4 leads per month for each Local Exclusive License you own … or we’ll refund half of that License’s monthly cost.

For example:

Let’s say you are the owner of the Local Exclusive License for:

  • Los Angeles, CA [Tier 1, $999 / mo],
  • and Orange County, CA [Tier 2, $799 / mo].

Let’s say in a given month, you receive:

  • 6 leads for Los Angeles,
  • but only 3 leads for Orange County.

Even though the total number of leads more than covers the 8 guaranteed (4 per location)…

Orange County fell short, and entitles you to the refund:

$399.50 (1/2 of $799), refunded.

You still keep the 9 exclusive leads.

We’ll keep working even harder, to make sure we do better the next month!

This keeps us on our toes, and ensures your interests & our interests are properly aligned.

This is precisely why InvestorRabbit™ Licensees are also REVAS VIPs. You are like partners to us. We are happy when you are happy.

The only limitation on the Guarantee is that it does not apply to payments for any of the OPTIONAL ADD-ONS. Only the monthly core service payment is eligible for the refund.

Otherwise, you are completely covered by this iron-clad Guarantee:

4 leads per month, per location, or half your payment is refunded. Automatically, every single month.

Do any of the other “real estate investor lead generation services” offer that?

Ready to Get Started?

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We Can Accept Only One Real Estate Investor Per Local Market!

The Question Is:

Will It Be You Who Gets the Local Exclusive …

Or Will It Be Your Competition?