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Welcome to Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services (REVAS), your Outsourcing & Automation partners.

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REVAS: Real Estate Automation & Outsourcing.

Outsourcing - Automation - Process Development - Consulting

welcome-signAt REVAS, our mission is to help you build a real estate business that is more systematic, efficient, and profitable. Three quick facts about us:

• We work Process-Based, Not People-Based™.

• We hire & fire on 8 Core Values.

• The first step for new Clients is a free Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

On this page, you'll find different ways to explore how REVAS can help your real estate business.

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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Resources & News

23 Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Ideas from the Experts

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation When it comes to real estate investor lead generation, whether you're a full-time or part-time investor, at…

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Your Virtual Assistant doesn't care about your business like you…

Let's face it: Nobody cares about your business like you do. Your employees don't care whether you're getting rich or poor, so…

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What if you outsource just 1 work hour per day?

If you work 5 days per week, that is going to come out to about 250 work days per year. 1…

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Real Estate Marketing Automation Strategies

Real estate is an industry built on relationships. Real estate is most peoples' largest single purchase. Buying or selling a home…

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The Lies VAs Tell (And How NOT To Fall For…

Hiring is one of business' great challenges. Companies who master the art of recruiting and keeping the best people become legendary. Most…

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Hiring Your First Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing is difficult. Managing remote teams is tricky. It's easy to fall short of your goals, even if you feel like…

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